The UnConference will return in 2018.
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My own transformation that unfolded over the UnConference was as profound as my entire PCC year. I am enrolled in the work at a much deeper level than I thought I could be. The UnConference helped me fully understand how self development can be non-selfish, and in service of humanity. I have new intention and commitment for my daily practices and now feel ready to engage in the next level of work that I was sensing, but previously did not feel ready for. Many of the words and concepts that I thought I understood during my PCC training have become living and real. It is as if I had only ever seen a picture of a tiger and I thought the picture was the tiger, but now I have held a tiger and felt it touch my body and consume my heart.

I have the deepest gratitude for the UnConference faculty, who had the courage to bring something they had never shared in a workshop before. The design and logistics of the event was like a symphony. The pace, timing, and topics flowed like the pilgrimage I know was intended.

This was our Woodstock.                                                                                                                                      — Audrey Ichida

2013 UNCONFERENCE LogoThe UnConference was truly transformational for me as I am sure it was for all who attended. I am thrilled that I was witness to the very special experience that was created for all of us. The selection of keynoters and workshop leaders was brilliant; it was a perfect menu.

As Lynne Twist said, this truly was the UN conference. Your work has gone global and the world is better for it.

I know the ripple effects from this will make a positive difference for the participants and all who encounter them personally and professionally. You definitely have taken a stand.

— Jane Shivers