Alex Vincent – Montreal, Canada


I got to place of elegance in exploring rage and creativity. I will seek to create more elegance in my life in working with my colleagues, clients and with my family.
I have also got to a place where my strong competitive side that I have put away for a while, has limited my capcity to bring my full vital energy to the big game that I am in.
I also experienced the possibilites that are available in slowing down my pace and coming in with a completely different level of energy. Also, realized that different energy levels will allow me to create a broader collective presence with my colleagues, partners and clients.

My employer, my amazing colleagues and clients, and my family past and current.

I will bring different energy levels, allowing elegance to flourish by the enhancement of a collective presence in helping the change the world requires in my unique role of working with corporate clients around the globe. I look forward to staying highly active and contributing to this important outcome. I know what is reuired and what I can bring to the table and my contribution is very important.

It was a experience like I had not had in many years. It felt like walking on fire, bungee jumping and swimming in a lake all at once. The communal experience of presence, love and compassion was illuminating to be a part of and humbling to experience. I look forward to next year’s conference. I would sign up and commit today if I could. Please do not have us wait too long for the 2nd edition.

Alex Vincent

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