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Wow…I started my first PCC module in March of this year and then before I attend the next one, I receive this monumental gift. Being at the UnConference…learning, listening and enjoying such wonderful people and yet in the same moment, weeping, longing and feeling like my heart has been ripped wide open. But as a result of being with such beautiful human beings, it was so safe to do so. I could feel their support cocooning me as I showed, spoke, drew and improvised my vulnerability. There were moments when this unfolding felt overwhelming, dark whilst there were others when it felt light, a relief, articulate. For now, transformation seems such a large word for the first signs of my heart beginning to play along with the rest of me, but I know that there is a flower that will grow from the seed now planted.

The other members of the 5-Tribe from the Pre UnConf for their love and support as we all started our journey(s).
And I couldn’t have asked for more from my UnConf POD and Fabian – insightful, caring, so visible. They have shown care, presence and attention over the phone, over a sandwich, in workshop groups, and now back to the phone and via email! It doesn’t matter how far apart we are, they are always there in this heart of mine that is now more capable of holding them.
And Noah – a man capable of having me show up in any number of ways in a short space of time. Anger, Fear, Joy, Compassion to name but a few! Thanks to Noah convincing me/us to take an artistic activist stance during his workshop, I began to connect with people who until that moment had seemed visible to me. So finally, I wish to state how grateful I am to Andrew, the man who blows the leaves off the street and out of the gutter. Because now, for me, Andrew is a man who does so much more than this. He takes real pride in his work, has the time and patience to show me how to use his work tools, showed compassion when I blew his neat pile of leaves back out into the street and continued to smile! Andrew is someone who will keep me remembering that my heart is worth a daily outing, that it is worth my heart been shown to those that should be visible to me, that the world is a much bigger place to me now. I am indebted to you Andrew x

To keep my eyes and heart open to the world. I am pretty sure that even my family weren’t getting a full view, let alone the world out there. I understand that in doing this, I will become more vulnerable but after my beautiful week in San Francisco, I am beginning to appreciate that it’s worth the “risk”.

Bobby Davis

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  1. Sweetie, please wont you make contact, I can’t Friend you through NVW on Facebook. Renee is inCape Town next week and I though it would be fun to try all get together for a Skype catch up with Daniel, Manuel xx