Caroline Thibaudeau – Ashton, Canada


My transformation happened when I became more familiar of my own fear of stepping into the unknown. I now have a better capacity to see, sense into and perceive into situations that are risky. This is because what crystallized in me was how transformative somatic experiencing can be. And I realize that the root of my learning in the past years has been the most transformative when I experience and emotion or sensation.

I am grateful to Noah Fisher and James Flaherty for helping me experience and acquire a fearlessness and penetrating sense of insight that will fuel me for a long time.

I now have the capacity and comprehension to develop and bring to fruition my Leadership Edge Program that will use experiential learning (sports and alpine skiing) to foster the growth of leaders.

I believe this saying best describes my immense devotion at this point in my life. “I’d rather give my life than be afraid to give it.”
Lyndon B. Johnson

Caroline Thibaudeau

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