Erna Langkilde Madsen – Vejen, Denmark


So many impressions build up from day to day like a red thread through all three days and it is still hard for me to say what the biggest impression was. I am pleased that the experiences and that all the impressions are long lasting and I feel the effect in my daily day. I am very much aware of the how we communicate and how we unconscious harm ourselves and the relationship just through the words we choose to use. I am aware of the stories I tell myself.
When I return to Denmark all around me is blooming, all the colours are brighter than ever, I see birds I can’t remember I ever had seen before and yes I am absolute more content that before.

I am very grateful to this community and to the New Ventures West and all the people that made this UnConference possible. Thanks for making this possible and for making such a skillful and inspiring program. I am very grateful for the way this UnConference were leaded with a warm, powerful, rich guidance. I am grateful to all the people I have learned to know and how they all just help me uncover a little more of myself.

In the light of warm and unconditional love everything is possible and personal issues which normally trouble me can be healed in this light. During these three days it became more and more obvious to me and Elizabeth Lindsey finally make it all click. I commit myself to bring the unconditional love forward into all aspect of my life as I realize more and more that this is my force and I commit myself to cultivate my force and bring it out in the world to people around me.

I look forward to see how we made the world changed on the long termed bases. I am glad I was here.

Erna Langkilde Madsen

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