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Guy Thomson – Port Elizabeth, South Africa


I experienced a deep connection to an extraordinary group of individuals, a tribe of like-minded people, a community just like me. My direct experience of this connection brought me a sense of comfort and peace. I am incredibly grateful to the New Ventures West team who made […]

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Caroline Thibaudeau – Ashton, Canada


My transformation happened when I became more familiar of my own fear of stepping into the unknown. I now have a better capacity to see, sense into and perceive into situations that are risky. This is because what crystallized in me was how transformative somatic experiencing can […]

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Jonelle Rodericks – San Francisco, USA


I came to the UnConference with a sense of openhearted purposefulness. I was curious to meet, experience and share with a community of intriguing and wonderful beings committed to living their lives more fully; and as I now find myself at crossroads in many literal and figurative […]

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Sue Schleifer – Lafayette, USA

Sue Schleifer

Greater courage – through engaging in meaningful conversations with UnConference participants whom I had not met before and through sharing with many of them, as well as with some of the presenters, that I have recently published a book. Realization that my work is to be a […]

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Jo Ilfeld – Berkeley, CA


I really opened up to the beauty and possibility of being present for the unfolding instead of reaching and grasping and striving all the time. I felt this in a more embodied and fuller way than I had before. Everyone. NWV for holding the conference. Pam Weiss […]

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Jean Casey – Dallas, TX, US


The UnConference deepened and crystallized my calling, purpose, community, spirituality, learning, joy and sense of connection. From Craig’s blacksmith imagery, I sensed strength and power; from Pam’s guided meditation I received a calling to share my strong heart; from Lynne’s call to action, I felt a sense […]

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Erna Langkilde Madsen – Vejen, Denmark


So many impressions build up from day to day like a red thread through all three days and it is still hard for me to say what the biggest impression was. I am pleased that the experiences and that all the impressions are long lasting and I […]

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Alex Vincent – Montreal, Canada


I got to place of elegance in exploring rage and creativity. I will seek to create more elegance in my life in working with my colleagues, clients and with my family. I have also got to a place where my strong competitive side that I have put […]

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Sarah Cunningham – Chicago, USA


I think the conference for me was largely about remembering. Remembering myself, my capabilities and how when I am connected to that, I can have a much greater impact on the world at large. I can remember the depth of the world I inhabit while forging ahead […]

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Renee Petzer – Lagos, Nigeria


I’m an instinctive, intuition, thought based active type who continues to struggle with matters of heart, emotion and compassion. The presence and the deep energy that comes from presence, at the pre-conference, was indescribable. It touched and held me to such an extent that I was able […]

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