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Bobby Davis – London, England


Wow…I started my first PCC module in March of this year and then before I attend the next one, I receive this monumental gift. Being at the UnConference…learning, listening and enjoying such wonderful people and yet in the same moment, weeping, longing and feeling like my heart […]

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Melinda Stephenson – Corte Madera, USA


I experienced a new awareness of and calling to be more alive and open. I realized that my old narrative – about opening up for brief periods and then needing to close down to rest – isn’t working for me anymore. I feel that the totality and […]

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Michael Dolan – Corte Madera, CA, US


The unconference was an essential catalyzer and an extremely supportive container for me in my own personal journey of letting go of the old narrative, the old commitment in my marriage – the new narrative is not yet fully formed, but I am experiencing space and freedom […]

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Adam Klein – San Francisco, US


In January I went on a silent retreat at which I sensed the Spirit saying, in Rilke’s words, “You, sent out beyond your recall, go to the limits of your longing. Embody me.” Since that time I’ve been ruminating and somewhat meagerly flushing out an idea I […]

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Sue Adams – Singapore


I came looking for community and left having found family Each and every person there To help others find family 🙂 — Sue Adams

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Joy Mazzola – Berkeley, USA


Prior to the UnConference, surely not by coincidence, I was beginning to feel very alone in all that was happening for me internally, and uncertain of my place in life. It’s now clear that I—and all I have to express—has a home in the world. Not only […]

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