Jean Casey – Dallas, TX, US


The UnConference deepened and crystallized my calling, purpose, community, spirituality, learning, joy and sense of connection. From Craig’s blacksmith imagery, I sensed strength and power; from Pam’s guided meditation I received a calling to share my strong heart; from Lynne’s call to action, I felt a sense of embodied compassion and generosity.

I’m grateful to the entire NVW community, especially Stacy and James — for their vision, leadership, inspiration, openness and hard work through 26 years, at the Palace Hotel, and into the future.

I’m committed to follow the words of St. Ignatius to “go forth and ignite the world” through deepened insight and bold action.

From a consumer’s point-of-view, the conference was so masterfully planned and orchestrated — significant content, masterful program design and myriad of logistics — that I was able to take it all in effortlessly and joyfully. Thanks to Stacy, James the team, the presenters, pod leaders, new and old friends, and the Palace Staff.

Jean Casey

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