Jonelle Rodericks – San Francisco, USA


I came to the UnConference with a sense of openhearted purposefulness. I was curious to meet, experience and share with a community of intriguing and wonderful beings committed to living their lives more fully; and as I now find myself at crossroads in many literal and figurative ways I brought with me a few big questions, and internal ponderings. The UnConference provided a trusting container for me to put my questions out there, to give voice to things I had had internal dialogs about and to have conversations about these, and to bring real-ness to the contribution and role I’d like to play.

I am grateful for every – trusting conversation, knowing smile, warm hug, new introduction, elegant facilitation, intricate design element, intentionally risky plan that that I experienced over the three days. A big thank you to Stacy, James and all at New Ventures West who brought this idea to life, behind the scenes or on stage and for the vision, dedication and creativity that went into the curating the experience.

I left the conference with a clearer, more expansive sense of what I’d like to bring to my work, relationships and the world in general, and with renewed commitment to paying attention to an inner voice that has me living from my heart and exploring avenues beyond coaching and human development, while responding to my calling.

Jonelle Rodericks

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