Joy Mazzola – Berkeley, USA


Prior to the UnConference, surely not by coincidence, I was beginning to feel very alone in all that was happening for me internally, and uncertain of my place in life. It’s now clear that I—and all I have to express—has a home in the world. Not only that, but in fact it is my duty to bring forth what I know. The most astounding piece is that I don’t have to go looking for how to do this. I’m already in a place and among people who invite and encourage me to do it every day, in bigger and bigger ways.

I’m grateful to everyone who nodded in understanding when it felt like I was speaking gibberish. To the workshops that pushed my edges, conjured major resistance, and led to the biggest breakthroughs. To the community I could feel holding me up while I spoke out loud in the world café, and whose support made me feel clearer and stronger than I’ve ever been. To the new dear new friend and mentor who has assured my soul that I am not walking alone. To everyone with whom I shared a smile or some words or a hug, whether or not we knew each other’s names or will ever see each other again. To each person who got on a plane (or several) to get here, and for the amazing chance to meet some of our international cohort. To everyone who trusted me to hold their pains and fears and secrets and stories and pasts and craziest dreams. To Stacy and James for birthing the phenomenon that is New Ventures West and inviting me to be a part of it. To Vegar, Christy, Peggy, Michael, Florian, Clancy, Amber, Maya and Marinda. To the call I heard long ago that started me walking toward this community and into this moment. To Lynne Twist for reminding me about my place in time and history.

I vow to listen to the whispers of the future generations and lean into the support of past ones. To tell the truth even (especially) when it feels scary, and to ask for support,visible and invisible, when I need it. To write and write and write. To step into where I am needed.

I could spend several more days writing here and not quite capture everything that has shifted for me. Thanks to you all.

Joy Mazzola

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