Melinda Stephenson – Corte Madera, USA


I experienced a new awareness of and calling to be more alive and open. I realized that my old narrative – about opening up for brief periods and then needing to close down to rest – isn’t working for me anymore.

I feel that the totality and flow of all workshops and exercises and experiences helped this to unfold for me over the course of the 3 days. In particular, I’m very grateful for Pam Weiss’s guided imagery and collaging exercise AND i’m extremely grateful for Fabian deFelice and for my Pod – who created a very safe and loving place to reflect and share and be open.

I commit to put down my shield and stop protecting myself from my full experience of life. I commit to bring this openness and receptivity to everyone that I love (including my clients!).

let’s dance

Melinda Stephenson

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