Michael Dolan – Corte Madera, CA, US


The unconference was an essential catalyzer and an extremely supportive container for me in my own personal journey of letting go of the old narrative, the old commitment in my marriage – the new narrative is not yet fully formed, but I am experiencing space and freedom into which what will form will form. I am reconnected with my own visceral sense of purpose and guidance.

I’m grateful to all of my pod-mates, and so many of my dear friends and colleagues (both new and old), who made it safe for me to fully share my difficult process, and held me (literally and emotionally) over the course of the three days.

My old statement of personal purpose was about “helping people get out of their own way…” Now I’m cultivating a shift in that toward “helping humanity get out of their own way.” this feels pretty massive to me, but i’m sitting with it. Thank you Lynn Twist and Bucky!

As Garrison Keeler says, Be in touch, Do good work!

Michael Dolan

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