Renee Petzer – Lagos, Nigeria


I’m an instinctive, intuition, thought based active type who continues to struggle with matters of heart, emotion and compassion. The presence and the deep energy that comes from presence, at the pre-conference, was indescribable. It touched and held me to such an extent that I was able to walk into the conference feeling accepted, held, cared for and at ease with my vulnerability.

Some of the work literally touched a deep primordial core, to the extent that I had all sorts of neural responses – shivering spine, tingling skin, moving scalp, gut all aflutter and heart gently pulsing. It truly made me feel alive and left me with a deep sensation of wellbeing and connectedness.

I am just so much more connected within, to my heart and to myself.

The team at NVW who brought the conference about. The thought, passion and energy that went into the design of the un-conference. Stacey & James for taking the risk and delivering the goods. James for his playfulness and sense of fun.

All the coaches, who never once felt like strangers. It was awesome to connect and have a conversation where I felt totally understood in an instance. Being in community with the coaches, may be a better way to express this.

David Whyte was great. Dr Elizabeth Lindsey was just amazing

To sustain my heart connection through on-going yoga and meditation practices

To continue to work on and build compassion for myself and others

To add some creativity back into my life

To link my sense of wisdom to universal wisdom

Thank you, thank you, thank you …… and please do this again

Renee Petzer

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