Sarah Cunningham – Chicago, USA


I think the conference for me was largely about remembering. Remembering myself, my capabilities and how when I am connected to that, I can have a much greater impact on the world at large. I can remember the depth of the world I inhabit while forging ahead with a vision and a focus that has always been there but has been buried under the heaviness of routine and scarcity. I can feel what’s beautiful and open to it, rather than encasing myself in the binds of security and certainty. I can reconnect with the way of being that brings more to the bounty of life. I can recognize my leadership capabilities and the ripple effect it can have on the world, however big or small. I went to this conference to gain insights about myself and look inward and I left with a full appreciation of the importance and power of expressing that outwards.

Of course to James and Stacy and Craig and Steve and all of the NVW faculty for their courage in bringing this forth and cultivating such an amazing blossoming of ideas, possibilities and beauty throughout all of it. To each and every person with whom I interacted. To my pod mentor, Karen, for enabling the conversations that readied me for the transformation. To for the amazing beauty of the Bay Area that facilitated the richness of my engagement. To the practices, new and old, that I reconnected with that drove home the importance of making a commitment. To David Whyte, whose words still resonate and have strongly shifted how I look at the world.

I am bringing forth a commitment to lead. To bring to the world the truth of what I learned, as a facilitator of transformation and opening. I am commiting myself to expression of my deepest values of potential and continued growth.

I so loved this opportunity. Like I heard James say, I’ve never been a fan of the scatteredness of most conferences, where there’s little common thread and less to take away because everything is so disconnected from everything else. But this conference was like listening to a room engage in one powerful “OM” where you can feel the connecteness and reverberations because everyone is engageed and aligned.

Sarah Cunningham

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