Sue Schleifer – Lafayette, USA

Sue Schleifer

Greater courage – through engaging in meaningful conversations with UnConference participants whom I had not met before and through sharing with many of them, as well as with some of the presenters, that I have recently published a book.

Realization that my work is to be a “deep listener.”

So many people…
Craig and James whose themes and images of the journey, of belonging and forging a craft resonated with the themes of my life over the past four years as I wrote my book.

David whose Pilgrim Way poetry touched my core and inspired me to walk the pilgrim’s path.

Norman and Justin whose workshop helped me tap into rage and for introducing the writing exercise that I have already used in my work. And to my two writing partners in this exercise who were so encouraging to me. Thank you!

Pam whose human journey workshop contributed to my realization that my book was a “gift” from my mom, whose message to me was “to enjoy.”

My dinner partners at the gala with whom I had deep conversations and whose lives and work touched me.

Elizabeth whose deep resonant chanting and call to become a wayfinder is echoing in my body, heart and mind still today.

Lynne whose call to take a stand and whose example of sacred rebellion is inspiring. And to my “partner” at this presentation with whom I felt a deep connection.

Anamaria and our pod who helped me to delve deeper in thinking about the themes from the conference.

Stacy who so beautifully made this all possible. And to the entire UnConference community.

Thank you all!

To investigate, practice, and play with deep listening, courage, and connection.

To honor my new name, “author.” To have the courage to let people know about my book.

Here you go: The Key to the Castle: Zen and Travel Stories of Trust by Sue Schleifer available from Amazon.com and in digital formats at Smashwords.com.

Thank you!

Sue Schleifer

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